Working out the kinks

After today’s set, I got an inkling that the 3% incline may be too steep. I was able to complete today’s goal in 4 sets, with about a 2 minute break between each set. And with a max set# of 5, I still have some room to maneuver. But if it becomes too steep, I may go back down to 2.5% or 2% incline until I feel I can outpace it again.

The other issue is the two days on, one day off pattern. The funny thing is I feel stronger on the third day than the first two days. So this week I’ll try out the three days on, one day off pattern and see how it works for me.

On the plus side, my arms look more tone. My shoulders and traps look bigger, and I feel stronger over all. :) Here’s to 1000 pushups!