The Wall hit me

For the past two weeks, I have been able to keep up with my daily pushup goals, even though I haven’t been able to increase my first set. Three days ago, the wall hit me. I’ve done my part, stayed on schedule, but reached my limit. I maxed out the 5 sets of pushups I was doing and had to start in a 6th set. Now, that’s not that big of a deal you say. Perhaps not - but will I do an increasing number sets to keep up with my pushup goals and perhaps require 35 sets of pushups in order to 1000? I say, no!

In trying to figure it out, I have sat down and analyzed my numbers (good thing I’ve been keeping a log)! My first set has not changed for about 2 weeks - 34 pushups. However, I have been able to slowly increase the remainder of the sets slowly. I was trying to determine why I couldn’t get my 1st set numbers up, and I came up with 2 possibilities - a mental block or a physical block.

Mental block: I started working on the possible mental block by imagining myself doing 50 pushups continuously using good form and without feeling tired. Well…that didn’t really work. I moved on to the possible physical block.

Physical block: doing my first set, I noticed that I had to stop because my arms were getting so tired they were going numb. In fact, after I let my arms recover, I was still able to do more pushups. I felt that maybe it wasn’t my chest musculature that was the limiting factor, but perhaps my arm musculature. My father-in-law suggested I could use weights to increase arm strength and that might help.

I need to start adding dedicated arm exercises! This guy has come up with a push up schedule that incorporates arm exercises: 100 push ups.

So this has become the new plan - I haven’t however decided whether to do this au-naturelle (check out “Diesel Pushups” in the links) or actually get some weights. I also haven’t figured out how I will incorporate these new exercises with my pushups.