Since the wall has hit me, I almost quit doing push ups altogether. I felt downtrodden. and as a result lost my motivation and focus.

But I have rediscovered my focus with a slight alteration in my goal. Instead of aiming to do one thousand push ups continuously, I plan to do 100 push ups an hour for 10 hours while my wife is in labor. I’m trying to start a new family tradition of doing one thousand push ups on the day of the first-born child. So aiming towards this new goal, I unashamedly stole Iron Dungeon’s strategy to 100 push ups in 10 weeks…10 weeks just happens to put me exactly at the day my wife is due! A nice coincidence.

You ask, “how are you going to do 100 push ups 10x when you’re just getting to 100 push ups in 10 week?”

That’s a very good question. And the answer is - through Hope.
Onwards and upwards!!

Of note, my brother in law, Stephen, has decided to join me, join US, in our quest! May the force be with you young skywalker.