Push Your Limits

You’ve heard it so many times about fitness and exercise that it’s become an easy-to-ignore cliche by now: “push your limits” or “push yourself” or “no pain no gain”.

While these phrases are cliche and quickly dismissed nowadays, it’s important to remember why these phrases became so popular in the first place.

In exercise, you truly do not make any gains without pushing your limits. Think about it. If you drop and do 20 pushups without a single problem, what did you accomplish? Well, you’ve taken a small step to help maintain your current fitness level, but you didn’t actually make any progress. After all, your body could already do 20 pushups no problem. How do you expect doing 20 pushups to make it any stronger?

Look at your workout regimine and ask yourself, “are the workouts I am doing helping me to increase my overall fitness level or simply maintain my current fitness level?”

If your goal is merely to maintain your current level of fitness, congratulations on reaching a point in life where you’re comfortable just going into cruise control for the rest of your life.

For the rest of us, let these cliche phrases like “push yourself” and “no pain, no gain” be an important reminder that without constantly pushing ourselves during every workout, we would be naive to ever expect an improvement in our overall fitness level.

So don’t just drop and do 20. Drop and do as many as you possibly can and then do two more. Get it? Or drop and do 20 so many times throughout the day that by the end of the day, 20 becomes challenging again. That is how you make gains in your fitness level: by pushing your body past its capabilities thereby telling it, “I need you to be able to do more than you can actually do now, so pick it up!”