Push Up Training: The Secret Set

What does a secret set have to do with doing push ups?

If you’re like me, you have a hard time mustering motivation to go the extra mile doing push ups (though you may have had a great idea to start a club)! If you are like me, then this tip might help you. Adding on an extra “secret” set of push ups, meaning a set that you don’t count as part of your normal push up schedule, can really boost your productivity. Specifically, if this set is diamond push ups, then it will help tremendously.

Diamond push ups really focus on the triceps muscle, and a little bit on the inner chest. Building strong triceps will in turn help increase the maximum number of daily push ups you can do. I’ve started doing this “secret” set every morning before work for the past three days, and I’ve already increased my total number of push ups by 3 (which you know if you’ve been doing push ups for a while that it’s tough to increase very much in a short period of time).

Lastly, while doing the set, pause halfway down, then again halfway up. The pauses really add to the burn without adding much to the time spent.

If you have any comments about how this works for you, feel free to leave them below!

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