Push Up Pro: A Full Review

I’ve been waiting for push up handles the whole year, and I finally bought myself a pair of the Pushupro’s this Christmas, as both a gift to myself …and my wife (after I use them). ;)

The following review is after using the handles for two weeks, an average of 5 times a week.

To start off with, I increased my push ups by 13 in a matter of 2 weeks - which is a huge jump for me! Normally, it takes me 4 weeks to get an increase of 5 push ups. I doubt this level of increase will continue as my muscles get used to the handles, but nonetheless, it was pretty amazing.

So, without further ado, here is the review:


  1. The rotating action recruits more muscles to do a push up, and therefore increases the work of the muscles, which leads to more push ups.
  2. The height of these handles make them more travel-friendly as compared to the perfect push up, so taking them to work every day becomes a possibility. Photobucket
  3. The handles themselves are flat and easier to grip as compared to round handles.
  4. They are very affordable.


  1. The handles are rubberized on the inferior surface, and no the superior surface. This makes them less comfortable than if they were rubberized in their entirety. When doing many push ups, I will start using work out gloves.
  2. The entire product doesn’t feel as sturdy as the Perfect Pushup does from what I’ve heard (I have not used the perfect push up myself).
  3. Due to the rotation, it takes a few days for your joints to become accustomed to the exercise.


All in all, I feel that the Push Up Pro is worth the $20 I spent, as I have seen great increases in my push ups as well as faster results in achieving muscle tone. Using the handles through the holiday season has also helped me to maintain my weight though I increased my eating considerably (especially cookies).

I hope the review of the push up pro above has helped. If you have any comments, feel free to leave them below. Now go on and do some push ups!

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