Pros And Cons Of A Personal Trainer

Many people getting into personal fitness are intrigued at the idea of a personal trainer. Depending on your goals, finances, and motivation, a personal trainer may be beneficial for you. Here are the main reasons to get a personal trainer:

1. To learn how to work out: Let’s face it: many of us do not know how to build a proper, full workout for ourselves. Also, many do not know how to properly use the machines or equipment at a gym. Getting a personal trainer for a half dozen or so sessions can help learn how to build a good workout for the long run. This is a good reason to get a trainer for a few sessions, but not long term.

2. Motivation to work out: This is probably the main reason to get a personal trainer long-term. Are you the type of person who always says you’ll work out, but never does? Well, a personal trainer may be the only way of getting your butt to the gym. Since you have someone there waiting for you (who’ll bill you regardless if you show up or not), you’ll be much more likely to go to the gym if he or she is there waiting for you.

3. Motivation to work out harder: A lot of us may be able to get to the gym, but once we’re there, take it easy on ourselves and do a lot of ‘light’ workouts. While it’s better than nothing, it won’t get you anywhere to accomplishing your fitness goals. A personal trainer will make sure that you actually do a full workout, instead of just a glorified warmup.

And the main reason to not get a personal trainer…..

COST!!!: Personal training is expensive, often $50 an hour and up. For most of us, it’s a steep price to pay for something we can fundamentally do for ourselves. But if you have the money and the lack of motivation, a personal trainer may be for you.