Power Push Ups

As I took a survey of all I have been doing to achieve my 1000 push ups goal, I found that I’m still lacking a key piece in the puzzle. And that piece was pointed out to me by my brother-in-law, Ryan, who is an excellent gymnast at the University of Michigan and knows a thing or two about power.

The Wall:
He watched me do push ups, and was surprised at how fast I hit my wall. Most people he’s seen, when exercising, slowly taper down in frequency of activity as they get tired. As for me, however, I just suddenly would stop when I reached a certain number of push ups. In his experience, this wall was due to a lack of power, not stamina (as I’ve been thinking all along).

A Solution:
So I’m instituting POWER push ups in my routine. Instead of continuing to do just push ups, near the end of each set, I will do an extra 10 push ups that will require some sort of explosive strength - such as for example, clapping push ups. A clapping push up is as you are pushing up, when you get to the top, you push both hands off the floor, clap, and land back in the push ups position. :) Sounds fun, doesn’t it? I think adding a few explosive push ups to the daily routine will help push past the wall.

Thanks Ryan!

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