The Perfect Push up

Perusing the internet for all things push ups, I came across many products that help you do push ups. However, I don’t want help doing push ups; in fact, I would like to make it harder on myself to do the push up so I can get stronger.
Perfect Push up

Well, what I found is something called “Perfect Push up,” made by Bodyrev. After reading reviews on Amazon, I was convinced it was the very thing I’ve been searching for. They are handles, not unlike other push up handles, that you use when doing push ups instead of doing the push ups on the ground. What really makes these handles stand out is their rotation. I found that after doing a gangload of push ups, what really was hurting were my wrists, especially on the diamond push ups, so much so that I changed the diamond into a square to alleviate the pressure. But with the Perfect Push up handles (don’t I sound like a commmercial), I won’t have the pain anymore, and I’ll be able to do more push ups.

The other great thing about them from what I’ve read in the reviews is that they actually make the push up harder, so that when you go back to regular floor push ups, you’re able to do much more. I suspect this is because you have more range of motion and can go down further with the handles.

The downside about these handles is that there’s a dvd with exercises demonstrating how to use the handles properly that costs an extra 15 dollars. Even though I’d like the dvd, I don’t think it would be worth it, as the handles are fairly self-explanatory. Other than this little blip, I think they are a great poduct; I’m very excited to get them. I love new toys!

May your mind have power over your body.
Two cheers to the push up. Here here…