A milestone and a thought

Well, i guess it#39;s not really a milestone. But … I had to go to 5 sets today to do 70 pushups. Albeit, I had just woken up and was still tired. Since the five pushups set was breached however, I#39;m starting to consider what are my options are to maintain my current rate of increase. I#39;m also considering adding another (a 2nd) superset at night or some removed time. The only problem with that I#39;m not sure I#39;d be able to maintain when I get busier at work.

My thought is regarding the on/off days. I think I like doing three days on, one day off, two days on, one day off. That fits very nicely into the quot;one weekquot; paradigm. Also, I was thinking that if I do that, I can actually do the next days#39;s pushups (that I would not do otherwise) on the night before my day off. That way I#39;m not missing very many pushups and it#39;s a last hoorah before the off-day. We#39;ll see how it goes.

Fight to the end.