Intermitent Pushup Regimin

My latest way of keeping in the “push up zone” as I like to call it is by doing them randomly at a few points throughout the day. I’ve found that I have a hard time maintaining a dedicated workout regimin. Between work, travel, and social committments, keeping a predictable schedule of gym visits seems nearly impossible. That’s why I love pushups so much. You don’t need any equipment. Just yourself and a little gravity. I trust both are in high-supply for all of us at a time where nothing seems to be in high supply.

One thing I do is travel around to poker tournaments. At these tournaments, players are given a break every hour or two. I make it a point to do 30 pushups on every break. Some people could do more, some people could do less. Thirty just so happens to be where I’m at right now. The goal is to find an amount of pushups that you can do 3-5 times throughout the day to completion. When I started this regimine, that number was a mere 15. It took just a little over two months before I was able to crank out 30 of them five times a day with little trouble.

Anyone could follow a routine like this. It’s impossible to be too busy to “drop and do 20″ a couple times a day. It literally takes like 30 seconds! One way to follow this routine is to do pushups during commercial breaks. The average person watches four hours of television per day. Let’s just say that you’re an exception to that rule and you only watch an average of one hour of TV per day. I’ll bet you’re still probably sitting idly through three or four commercial breaks. From now on, treat commercials as your prompt to do your daily pushups!

You’d be amazed at the results you can get from following this regimen. Our bodies need to be exercised. We weren’t meant to be inactive. The response you will get from an exercise routine as simple as just a few dozen pushups each day will be highly noticable. The resulting increase in confidence will pay countless dividens in other areas of your life.

If you can’t make exercising a huge priority in your life, don’t worry, that’s pretty common. However, anyone can drop to the ground and do pushups a few times a day. I’ll even do it in public. If people give me funny looks, I just tell them with a smile, “it was time for my pushups!”