Intangible benefits of 1000 push ups

What I’m finding out is that I’m starting to develop a solid foundation of strength. Doing push ups consistently is helping build and tone a lot of upper body musculature. While I’m developing those big arms that weight lifters have, I’m starting to feel solid and stable.

And that is one of the not-readily seen benefits of consistent push ups. The most likely reason for this is that push ups work out a lot of your upper body muscles, including your core, all together. The end result is stability and strength. When weight lifting, it’s too easy to concentrate on the specific muscle being targeted.

That being said, it definitely takes a lot of consistency. And it helps to have someone else doing them with you for motivation. What better motivation than a wager: on December 21st, a buddy of mine at work and I are going to have a push up contest for the most continuous push ups. The person with the least push ups babysits!! :)

Additional motivation….I love it!