The idea

Initially inspired by Charles Linster, I decided to start a site/club for people doing pushups - specifically, for doing 1000 push ups. Why 1000 you ask?

Well, I’ll tell ya. Anybody, after some practicing and a few months, can do 100 push ups. But not everybody can do 1000. One thousand push ups represents commitment, dedication, and stamina, all things I’m trying to improve in my persona. Secondly, I can’t imagine being able to do 1000 push ups and not being fit. Thirdly, it’s pretty impressive to tell people that you can do 1000 continuous push ups.

So this site is now the home of the 1000 push up club. Join me if you like. The club is about the commitment to do 1000 pushups a day. It’ll be the struggle to get there, along with the small victories, that will keep us going.

Here’s to 1000 pushups!