How to Lose Weight with Push Ups

“It ain’t easy being green,” Kermit always used to say.

Well, I’ve always felt that it ain’t easy being fat. I mean, I knew I had to exercise to lose weight; I knew I had to change my eating habits; I knew I had to have a different mind frame.

And that’s when I found push ups. I told myself that I wouldn’t exercise, I would just do push ups. Though I started that way, when I actually got into push ups, I found that I saw immediate results (within a week) in terms of tone and strength, and that encouraged me to keep with it. That’s the key - - consistency!

Doing push ups in turn, for some strange reason, made me crave healthier foods like fruit (I know…it’s crazy, I’m a chocolate lover) and salad. So now I’m doing push ups every day, I’m eating a little bit better, and guess what….I started to lose weight.

All in all, I’ve lost about 9 lbs and kept it off. Not bad for doing something I enjoy!

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