The ginormocity of 1000 push ups

As of the most recent edition of the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word “ginormous” has officially become a recognized word in the english language. This 11th edition was published in 2007. Webster’s dictionary formally defines ginormous as “extremely large: humongous.”

So I was thinking to myself that a lot of people express to me what a big number 1000 push ups is, and imply that it is unattainable. Well, perhaps, 1000 push ups is a ginormous goal…and that is the beauty of it. It’s ginormous AND achievable, with dedication of course.

In honor of 1000 push ups and the new english word, I have decided to coin my own word; that’s right, you’re seeing it here first: I am officially coining the word “ginormocity.” Ginormocity is the noun form of the adjective ginormous. It refers to doing so many push ups that your teeth are sore the next day - now THAT’S ginormocity! Yeah, baby, yeah!

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