Experimenting - inadvertently

I, without meaning, took the weekend off without doing pushups - that’s 2 days off as compared to my usual one day off. I thought it would be a good experiment to see if I did better with my numbers after a long break period. I have been told repeatedly that muscles need to recuperate for maximum benefit.

What I found on Monday was that I was able to do LESS pushups in my first set. It’s a little bit counterintuitive. Less strength with more rest?

My theory is that pushups, unlike working with weights, don’t increase your muscle mass rapidly. So the tear down/rebuild process is much more mild. That being said, I thought that it might be more advantageous where pushups are concerned to not take a break at all, not even one day!

So my new regimen will be as follows:
day 1 - 3 -> pushups according to the schedule
day 4 -> 1/2 the pushups of the previous day’s 1st set
day 5, 6 -> pushups according to the schedule
day 7 -> 1/2 the pushups of the previous day’s 1st set

My rationale for doing some pushups instead of the full set of pushups on the “off” days is so I can give the muscles SOME rest, but not necessarily the amount I would if I were bench pressing for example.

Off with you, pushup monkey. Off!