A Development

I was enlightened today.

As I first set out to do my one thousand pushups, I had the idea of doing them continuously without stopping. At this rate, I was only increasing my pushups by 5 a week - which was definitely not going to get me to 1000 anytime soon.

Today, I thought to myself, “Myself, wouldn’t I be happy if I did 1000 pushups in any combination, with or without breaks?” The answer was resoundlingly “YES.” I’d be just as happy doing 1000 pushups throughout the day as I would be doing 1000 pushups continuously within half an hour. Albeit, it would take less time doing it the latter way.

So today I started with 2 sets, each to failure. The first was 28 pushups. The second was 20 pushups. And I probably could have done more. As of today, I will start counting the total amount of pushups I do in the day towards the 1000. One gentlemen had figured out that by increasing your pushups by 2% per day you would be able to get to 1000 by the end of the year. That’s the new plan: increase pushups daily by at least 2%.

By goodness, I WILL do 1000 pushups a day by the end of the year!