Circuit Training - It’s good stuff!

In an attempt to be more rounded, I’ve decided to do circuit training 2x in addition to push ups (though I have been slacking on the push ups yet again). My circuit training is very short, but really gets the burn going.

Here it is:
Lat Pull-downs, wide grip x 10 reps
Triceps Skull crushers using the curling bar x 8 reps
Curling bar press with narrow grip for triceps x 12 reps (same weight as above)
Biceps curls using curling bar (lower weight) x 7 low, 7 full, and 7 high reps
Jumping lunges x 10 reps (each rep is 2 jumps)

I do that 3 times, with 5 minute break between each super set, and it takes the wind out of me. I figure if I’m going to be working with weights, I might as well maximize my time and effort by putting everything in a circuit.

Whew, man that’s good!

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