Becoming a Postie

Today, I’m officially becoming a “postie.” In case you don’t know what a postie is, it’s a blogger (such as I) who joins payperpost and writes an article on the blog, earning said blogger some cash!

Having joined PPP several months ago, I only decided today that I would become an active member, or a postie.

What is PPP all about you ask?
PayPerPost creates a buzz for advertisers by having bloggers write about the product. It’s really an ingenious idea. So I’m writing this post, which is sponsored by PPP, to advertise PPP as a product….and they’re paying me 20$! Now that’s hot!

What do I plan to do with the money?
Find an internet venture in which to invest it. More specifically, to grow my network of push up’ers.

Did you say “network?”
I sure did! My plan is to have several sites using the push up theme, but focusing on different aspects of doing push ups - i.e. not just the physical, but the mental as well. One day, the world will change through people like you and me doing push ups.

If you don’t believe me, stay tuned for a hot, hot update. Here’s to 1000 push ups!

If you like this post, give me 10 cents….and I’ll give you 10 push ups.”

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