Completely off the subject…

We’ve recently moved into a new condo, about 1 and 1/2 weeks ago(weird things come in 2’s, n’est ce pas?). So obviously home depot has become our grocery story. However…(I’m just going to vent here for a second)…home depot SUCKS! Yea, I can’t believe it, but it does. I’m originally from California where all I know is the depot. But here, the workers there have been abrupt, unfriendly, and entirely unfriendly (except maybe for the paint guy…he was nice). C’mon now!! I’m trying to give you my money!!! Also, they don’t have anything I’m looking for, and treat me sub-standard because I’m trying to do things on the cheap by buying them and installing them myself. Really….isn’t their slogan “you can do it, we can help?”

Second thing is we ordered a washer and dryer from them - yep, it was a mistake. The guys who came to install it didn’t install it properly and I had to call them back to put in the new dryer vent. The washer hot water hose now leaks. We called GE and they sent us the wrong crap. MAN! Doesn’t anybody do any quality control these days??

No need to say it, but I will. I’m VERY unsatisfied with them. I wish I could fill out a survey somewhere.

Thank goodness, I found my saving grace - Lowes. Yep - they’re awesome. They’re friendly, helpful, and when they don’t have something, they tell you in a nice way that makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over. They also have saturday clinics for FREE, that teach you things like how to put flooring down, etc…did I mention it was FREE? Today, I purchased a closetmaid completion unit (which the depot didn’t have of course), and had a 10% coupon for it. On my way to the counter, I discovered I actually did NOT have the coupon that was tucked so securely in my front pocket with my keys. Arrggghhh…but I went up to the customer service desk, told them the situation, and they GLADLY and WITHOUT HESITATION gave me the 10% off. Now…THAT’s service!

I’ll tell ya, if I can help it, I’m not shopping at the depot anymore (except maybe to get paint).

Go Lowes!