Additional Information

A few factoids #39;ve found:
nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; - in doing a standard pushup, you are pressing approximately 60% of your body weight
nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; - doing a pushup on your knees equates to pressing approximately 35% of your body weight

Taking into account this info, after doing a set of pushups to failure, you can go to your knees and continue doing pushups to burn your muscles out and get DIESEL. Diesel, baby, diesel! This technique will also likely help increase strength so you can do more pushups in each set.

A problem I#39;ve run into while doing my pushups is breathing. I#39;m not sure how to breath. Do I inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up with every rep? Then I feel like I#39;m hyperventilating. Currently, I semi-hold my breath, semi-breathe when I need to, but I#39;m always out of the breath at the end of the set. I think it#39;s contributing to my numbers. If I could breathe better, I bet I could do more pushups.