A great way to make your pushups more effective is to complete them with a significantly increased heart rate. This sends more blood to the pectoral tissues which makes the muscles more inflated.  Weight lifters refer to this as “the pump”.

Everyone knows how to do a basic, two-handed push-up, but there are several other ways to do a push-up. We’re going to share a few popular variations on the push-up. Each of these offer different benefits and isolate different muscles.

As a general rule, push-ups that are significantly challenging (and thus hard to achieve more than just a couple repetitions) are more suited for those looking to gain mass. Anyone looking to trim themselves down, or increase their lean muscles mass should stick to push-ups that allow for a higher number of repetitions.

Today, there are many different kinds of exercise equipment available to help you increase strength in your upper body. However, don’t fall into the hype that you’ll only see results if you invest in expensive equipment or a year’s gym subscription. There are several simple, easy exercises – including pushups – you can do at home that take advantage of your body’s weight and give you the results you’re looking for. This exercise remains one of the cheapest and most effective methods for building strength in your back, shoulders, and arms.

There’s a reason the basic push-up is, well, the “basic” push-up: it’s safe, effective, and easy-to-learn. Some of the push-ups we’ll mention in this article are quite challenging. It’s important to always take stock of your fitness level. Some of these push-ups aren’t capable of being completed by everyone. Be aware that injury can occur when one is attempting a push-up beyond the scope of their fitness level.