5 Life Lessons I Learned From Push Ups

Doing push ups all these months has helped me to realize the impact push ups (and perhaps any exercise) can have. These are the lessons I learned from doing push ups as they apply to life:

1. Persistence - even if you don’t hit you goal right away, keep after it and you will. Persistence is the key to success. In fact, with enough persistence, you would supersede those with natural talent and nothing else.

2. Being Grounded - the most benefit from push ups comes from getting as close to the ground as possible. So in life, I believe, staying grounded helps you to have a clear vision about you want to accomplish.

3. Focus - being distracted, being bored, takes away from push ups. For one, you’re not able to complete as many reps and give up too easily if you’re not paying attention to the push up. Secondly, you lose count of the reps and therefore lose track of your goal. As in push ups, so in life.

4. Good Sleep - having a good night’s sleep the night before you push up helps immensely. It gives you clarity of mind and a reserve of strength.

5. Perspective - many people see push ups as painful. But, you can (and I have) change your perspective so they become actually enjoyable. In life, we face many difficult times and situations we’d rather change. Many times we cannot change them. However, if we change our perspective, we can gain both wisdom and cunning.

I’ve noticed that as I’ve decreased the frequency of push ups due to many excuses, I have lost some of those abilities I had (yes…abilities) when I did do push ups regularly. Go figure!

As in push ups, so in life….

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