38.5% of Goal!

I read on this forum thread about doing 1000 push ups in 4 hours, which equates to approximately 4.5 push ups a minute. Furthermore, the contributors to this thread stated that “you’re not a man if you can’t do 4.5 push ups a minute for 4 hours.”

Well, I took it to heart. It seemed as if evrybody else can do what I’ve been aiming for without a lot of training. I decided to get down to business and do push ups. My plan of attack was to do 20 push ups every 4 minutes, so I could do other things in between.

Let me tell you: it was tough. After the first hour, I had gotten only about 200 done. Doing sets every now and then, it took me approximately 4 more hours to do another 180 push ups. Man I felt pathetic….5 hours to do 380 push ups!!

Then, I thought about it. I’ve never done that many push ups before in one day! So even though I failed to get to goal, I still improved myself.

And that’s the lesson here, as it has always been with the 1000 push ups club: setting a goal that’s difficult to attain will make you better!

To 1000!

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